November 16, 2012

Jin Ok Hwa One Chicken Restaurant 진옥화할매 닭한마리

It is located at Dongdaemun. The restaurant name explains what it serves, one whole chicken boiled in a basin of soup together with a tray containing a scissor, a tong, a small plate of grated garlic, one dish each of kimchi and Korean rice cake. The soup was then heated up on a built-in table stove.

 The waitress will help you in cutting the chicken to pieces when is cooked.

What you get in the soup is:
  • One whole chicken
  • Meat broth
  • Cabbage kimchi
  • One potato, peeled and sliced (may order extra if is not enough)
You can order rice cake or noodle to be added in the soup, or else it will be quite plain with just chicken and potato.

Korean chili paste, mustard, white vinegar and soy sauce were prepared on the table. The waitress taught us to mix all of the above and it goes really well with the chicken!

The korean chili paste is so good that we decided to mix it with the soup!

Never regret doing so. Honestly, one chicken is not enough for 3 people. Probably is because we are big eaters so we kinda regretted not to order two chickens. Well there's always next time ;)

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