July 28, 2015

Late night thoughts

There are times where I want to pen down my thoughts or happy occasions but I guess I'm just lazy. Lazy to start constructing sentences, lazy to even collect my thoughts and pen down what had happened. 

Today, I feel the need to document what had happened to me since my last post in 2013.

After much consideration, I decided to end my relationship with R. Difference in character draws us apart. As cliche as it might be, it is the reason that our relationship did not last. I did not make the decision over night, the thought of breaking up has been troubling me since 2 years ago.

He enjoys doing things at his pace, one thing at a time. I'm the opposite, if there's problem occur I have to settle there and then. I like to multi-task as I don't like to waste time or drag on issue/task as everything has a timeline. Well, now you get the idea of how different we are and I couldn't stand the way he handles certain issues. That's when I get irritated easily and run out of patience in giving in to him.

Our 8 years relationship ended in June 2014. Strangely I don't regret my decision, I'm sad that I did not regret my decision. How can a 8 years relationship ended this way and I did not regret a single bit? This shows how silly I was to hold on to him for so many years when I know something wasn't right years ago. 

Oh well, still it is a good memory and experience. I wish upon the stars that I will meet my Mr.Right soon :) 

Brother started working in Seoul in August 2013 and I was posted in Singapore in December 2013, my parents have been living in an empty house for almost two years now. We felt bad for leaving our parents but it is an experience that we wouldn't want to let go. 

Good news is brother coming back in September, for good! Now parents at least have someone to rely on if need be. 

The company I work for has expanded to Australia last September. I'm very excited as I have the opportunity to handle projects in Australia. 

Went to Sydney and Melbourne for site visit in February, glad that we managed to meet most of the suppliers and venues and all of them are friendly and helpful.

After 3 months of preparation, back in Sydney and Melbourne in July for two events in both cities. It feels like handling 4 events because different preparation for different venue. Moreover, I handled operations and my boss in charge of technical part. Yes, just two of us handling everything. 

Things did not go according to plan, that's normal for events but there are room for improvement. I will remind myself to not repeat the same mistake and do better for future events. I couldn't sleep for weeks before leaving to Australia because there are so many things to handle and I was worried that I might miss out some details. Stressing myself not to forget this and that, of course is not good to do so but I have no choice. I guess I'm get very emotional and involved in my job. 

Spent 17 days in Australia, I do miss working there. Mainly because is Winter haha! I can't stand hot weather, like seriously. As soon as I touched down in Singapore, I cannot stop complaining about the weather.

Hopefully I have chance to handle more projects in Australia, perhaps spend longer time there so I could have pre-event meetings to ensure things go according to plan on event day. Cannot be 100% according to plan but at least I try my best to reduce the possibility of things screw up or have backup plans. 

I enjoy working in this company. I'm fortunate and thankful to have a good boss and helpful colleague. I have confidence that we will have more projects in Singapore and Australia, as such we may have bigger team and able to go further as a team.

Grateful to have a job, surrounded with good friends and family members being healthy. This year's resolution is to work hard, save up and travel more. 

July 26, 2013


I have neglected or more like gave up in updating my blog. However lately I have the urge to write! Type and deleted post on Facebook and Twitter...I guess my blog is the best place to put down my thoughts. 

So, ya HELLO! *clean up spiderweb and dust* 

Korea, a city where I would like to study and work at. I love its culture, maintaining traditional and modern elements in their architecture. Brilliant! 

Insadong is a place where a tourist must visit in Seoul. This is where you buy souvenirs that represent Seoul. It is filled with antique shops, art galleries, traditional stationery shops,  handicraft shops, potter and porcelain shops, bookstores and art supply stores. It is the home to many traditional restaurants and tea houses. 

Ssamziegil was designed in such a way that it connects alleys in spiral-like stairway. You can get a clear view of the sky as you do your shopping.

Love this area as it has traditional touch to its architecture. You can imagine there are people wearing hanbok at market place back in Joseon era :)

Direction: Anguk station, 15 minutes walk from station

July 19, 2013

Right path

I wonder what's right, what's wrong.

There are so many choices in life and I admit I was spoiled. I always have plans before making any decisions, however, only God knows why those plans don't go accordingly.

Whenever I make certain decisions which supported by dear parents, if things don't go well negative feedback will be thrown back to me. What happen to the supportive duo?

I do not know what to do anymore. Just give me an opportunity oversea and I will work my ass off and endure whatever I have to.

*back to speechless life*

February 25, 2013

CNY Haul

CNY is not a festival that I look forward to, I don't know why...the only reason that I'm happy during CNY is to meet my cousins and friends. Most of them are in KL but strangely we don't meet each other.

I thought I do not have new clothes for CNY, I was wrong. I have forgotten the clothes I bought from Seoul last year which is still in my luggage bag. Hehehe...ya, I kept it in the luggage bag on purpose ironically that's why I forgot its existence too.

Since I have new clothes from Seoul trip, I bought a few more pieces to complete the collection. (shopaholic's excuses). Well, I guess I went overboard on shopping for new clothes. On the bright side, I have more pieces to mix and match. This means I have more outfit photos to fill this space ^_______^

Photos were taken from Instagram hence the poor quality, sorry! Follow me on Instagram, @jotheluckystar

Which outfit do you like the most?

February 01, 2013

Weekly Playlist

December(디셈버)- Memories(기억을 걷다보면)

LeeSsang (리쌍) Feat. Eugene(유진) of The Seeya - Tears(눈물)

Ali(알리)- Eraser(지우개)

Eric Nam(에릭남) - Heaven's Door(천국의 문)

B.A.P - Rain Sound (빗소리)

Super Junior M - Good Bye My Love (완미적재견) Korean Version

Last but not least, these two albums are my current favourite. Can't choose to just listen to one song but have to loop whole album ALL DAY.

CN Blue - Re:Blue Full Album

Check out 4Men's 5th Album - The True Story. All songs are composed based on members' life experiences. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKZFWQKEA4c&list=PLgfmry91wc7Rwb6gZg6gFT_KansjpDHHy

January 28, 2013

Korean Movies

Lately, I have ran out of Korean dramas to watch. Most of the new dramas don't interest me. I only watch "Cheongdamdong Alice" which is ending soon, unfortunately. 

So, my next option would be Korean movies. Did my research and I have a list of movies that I can't wait to watch and share it here :) I'm a sucker for horror and romance plot! So you get the picture of what kind of movies I will be sharing here. 

Two sisters who, after spending time in a mental institution, return to the home of their father and cruel stepmother. Once there, in addition to dealing with their stepmother's obsession and unbalanced ways, an interfering ghost also affects their recovery. 

There's twist towards the ending. INTERESTING =D

Unable to have children of their own, married couple Mi-sook and Do-il adopt a yong boy named Lee Jin-seong. The boy is drawn to an acacia tree in his new home's backyard, believing it to be his mother, and it soon becomes the focal point of an increasing number of strange occurrences when Jin-seong appears to have runaway. 

Jin-seong experienced many emotional difficulties and becomes more withdrawn and confused when Mi-sook becomes pregnant and has a new baby named Hae-sung. 

Sad for Jin-seong for what he has experienced. Parents please don't neglect your adopted child especially when you have a new baby. Your adopted kid is not a toy.

Im Jung Hwa was saddled with temporary blindness after surviving from a car accident that killed her parents. She works as a customer service representative. Jang Chul-min was a former boxer who quit the profession and settled to being a merciless bounty hunter. 

When two of them met each other, Jang Chul-min found motivation to start his life in good faith again. He took responsibility of a blind woman's heart. 

Enough of horror movies, I need some romance to balance up. Always, love story is not always about prince and princess living happily ever after. It is about two hearts are linked and love each other even with their eyes close.

Besides that, So Ji Sub is handsome! <3

A man and a woman become pen-pals  man receives her letter in his mailbox. They soon find out that they're living two years apart; he in the past, and her in the future. This is how a parallel-time love story started. 

This is the original version of "The Lake House". The American version was one of my favourite movie which I can watch a million times and still not sick of it. I was wrong, the original version which is the Korean version I have just watched is even better!

It is melancholic, but warm. Although it might be ridiculous to communicate and fall in love with someone from the past, but somehow it just feels real. The story line has been my favourite as it is unlike the romance movies out there.

Soo-jin who has everything and was born with a silver spoon gets dumped by her already-married boyfriend. She tries to get over him and forget. One day she bumps into a poor carpenter, Cheol-soo whose only goal in life is to become an architect, and she becomes attracted to him. They finally fall in love and happily married. Now that she thinks she found the right one, she has to face the undeniable fact that she has a disease which is erasing her memories...

Good to see how loving they are despite Cheol-soo's cool character, it is even sweeter to see how he treats Soo-jin. I cried a bucket over this movie; when one truly love another, love is amazing.

January 23, 2013