February 01, 2013

Weekly Playlist

December(디셈버)- Memories(기억을 걷다보면)

LeeSsang (리쌍) Feat. Eugene(유진) of The Seeya - Tears(눈물)

Ali(알리)- Eraser(지우개)

Eric Nam(에릭남) - Heaven's Door(천국의 문)

B.A.P - Rain Sound (빗소리)

Super Junior M - Good Bye My Love (완미적재견) Korean Version

Last but not least, these two albums are my current favourite. Can't choose to just listen to one song but have to loop whole album ALL DAY.

CN Blue - Re:Blue Full Album

Check out 4Men's 5th Album - The True Story. All songs are composed based on members' life experiences. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKZFWQKEA4c&list=PLgfmry91wc7Rwb6gZg6gFT_KansjpDHHy

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