July 26, 2013


I have neglected or more like gave up in updating my blog. However lately I have the urge to write! Type and deleted post on Facebook and Twitter...I guess my blog is the best place to put down my thoughts. 

So, ya HELLO! *clean up spiderweb and dust* 

Korea, a city where I would like to study and work at. I love its culture, maintaining traditional and modern elements in their architecture. Brilliant! 

Insadong is a place where a tourist must visit in Seoul. This is where you buy souvenirs that represent Seoul. It is filled with antique shops, art galleries, traditional stationery shops,  handicraft shops, potter and porcelain shops, bookstores and art supply stores. It is the home to many traditional restaurants and tea houses. 

Ssamziegil was designed in such a way that it connects alleys in spiral-like stairway. You can get a clear view of the sky as you do your shopping.

Love this area as it has traditional touch to its architecture. You can imagine there are people wearing hanbok at market place back in Joseon era :)

Direction: Anguk station, 15 minutes walk from station

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